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We began our relationship in November of 2002, engaged in September of 2004, and married in August of 2005. We became a family in August of 2006.

Life couldn’t get any better!

With your continued support, generous contributions, and positive thinking, we hope to have Jason and Justin live a life filled with, smiles, laughter, happiness, and much LOVE.



Due Date September 5, 2006; Tried to arrive July 27, 2006; Made his debut August 23, 2006, 1:18 pm 8lbs, 8oz, 22 in long.

Mommy & daddy made everyone wait until August 23 to find out if Baby J would come home in pink or blue. Jason Jeffrey was the first grandchild on mom’s side and the first grandson on dad’s side. The king of the family! So precious and exciting. A future of football, baseball, sports, hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and Jason loves it ALL!

Jason Jeffrey was cooperative and arrived in 12 hours time.  He was beautiful! Jason did spend the first five days of his life in the NICU of Valley Hospital with underdeveloped lungs.

Our little guy had trouble breathing and fluid on his lungs, something many newborns experience we were assured. Our new little love came home on August 27, 2006, and changed our hearts forever.


We now understood the saying “You Mean The World To Me”. We enjoyed him tremendously; we could not wait to add to our family!



Due Date February 28th, 2009; Made his debut February 25, 2009, 5:23 Pm 8lbs, 9oz, 20.5 in.

After months of trying we were elated to find out we would be adding to our family. Baby J #2 was due to arrive at the end of February 2009. A new baby in the house, the excitement was contagious. Jason is the most excited. He told EVERYONE he was having a baby (not mommy him)!

Justin Jay Leider was also cooperative and arrived in two hours time. It’s a boy! We were so excited, two boys, brothers, lifelong friends.  He was beautiful! Justin, like his brother also spent his first days of life in the NICU at Valley Hospital. He too had underdeveloped lungs and an immature nervous system. Justin had difficulties breathing as well as tremors of his arms and legs.


We welcomed Justin home, in a snowstorm, March 3, 2009, after a 6 day stay in the hospital. The “Little Guy” made our family complete. Jason LOVED his new baby, an instant bond. So sweet and helpful, and super protective- everything we could have wished for.


The joy these two precious lives brought us was incomprehensible!



Due Date February 23, 2011 - Made her miraculous debut February 17, 2011


A large family was what we wanted, so another child was discussed in passing, “maybe in a few years”, once Jason starts school, etc. Having such a difficult time getting pregnant for Justin, knowing the problem I had and hearing “at your age”, we knew the road ahead to get pregnant was not going to be easy, so we put the idea of baby J #3 on hold for a while….we thought!

To our surprise, under the most UNLIKELY circumstances you could imagine, we find out we are pregnant. Baby J #3 was coming sooner than we anticipated. Someone had plans for our family to grow beyond our control, and we were ecstatic!

Baby #3 was going to be Jordan boy or girl, and we made everyone wait for the 3rd time.

We were diagnosed with Hunter’s Syndrome when I was 9 months pregnant with Jordan, not knowing if this baby was a boy or girl. The fear was beyond words. Now we really knew this baby was given to us for a reason.

Jordan Kenna (named after her late “Uncle” Ken Adamo) arrived 9:30 am February 17, 2011, 7lb 15oz, 19 inches long. The week after Jason’s diagnosis and the week before Justin’s.

A very impatient baby arrived in less than an hour. Jordan Kenna joined our family with the most emotional delivery. Everyone anxiously waiting for the doctor’s word. When we heard the words “It’s A Girl”, the tears spilled. An unaffected baby.


The entire mother-baby/delivery wing cried with us. She was beautiful!


A little girl…a baby sister…whom we all love, especially the boys, ADORE to no end!

Jeff and I now know Jordan why Jordan Kenna was given to us. Two people, who wanted more than anything to have a family, were given a blessed gift, not be left childless. Thank you.

And we pray every minute of every day that medicine advances, so Jason & Justin can stay with us and Jordan Kenna will grow up with knowing her brothers.

We got one MIRACLE, now we need two more!

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